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What To Expect After Dermaplaning

You don't need to plan any downtime to recover from a Dermaplaning treatment. You may experience redness or feel like your skin is scraped in the two or three days following the treatment.

You may notice that your skin looks brighter immediately after you're treatment is finished, but it often takes a few days to appreciate the full results. As any redness subsides, you'll be able to see the results more clearly in the days afterwards.

Results are not permanent. The procedure can clear away up to three weeks worth of dead skin cells. After three weeks to a month, your results will have faded. 

After a dermaplaning treatment, you'll need to be extra careful about sun exposure. Sun damage could reverse the effects of dermaplaning, or create pigment blotches on the freshly uncovered skin cells. In the weeks after a Dermaplaning treatment, don't leave the house without wearing at least a factor 30 sunscreen on your face.

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