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Footlogix FAQ'S

We know you might have some questions, so here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Footlogix Pedicure.

Are Footlogix® Products Vegan And Non-Toxic?

Footlogix® products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Therefore, they would be considered vegan. With regard to toxins, all of our formulas and ingredients adhere to the standards and guidelines set out by governing regulatory bodies, such as Health Canada and the FDA. As well, all of the ingredients in our products are present in concentrations which are proven to be safe for our customers.


Are Footlogix® Products Tested On Animals?

No. All Footlogix® products are cruelty-free. Footlogix does however conduct a number of tests (again, not on animals) to ensure product quality:

  • Microbiology and Preservative Efficacy Testing: A test for the risk of microbiological susceptibility of the products (how likely they are to be contaminated with bacteria etc.)

  • Stability Test: A test to determine if the product stays in good condition under reasonable storage conditions during the product’s shelf life

  • Packaging Interaction: A test to make sure that there are no unwanted interactions between the container and the product

Are The Products Safe For Diabetics?

All Footlogix® products are safe for diabetics, non-occlusive, alcohol free with no added oils or fragrances.

What Makes A Footlogix® A Pediceutical® Salon Medi Pedi?

Footlogix® created the world's first and only Pediceutical® mousse based foot care line using Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT). This delivery system carries active ingredients past the Stratum Corneum into the layers of the epidermis, helping to restore the health of the skin. This technology ensures that the Footlogix active ingredients penetrate into the layers of the epidermis and reach the targeted areas. With no greasy outer layer to occlude it, the skin is hydrated and retains its ability to function normally, resulting in healthy feet.

Is Footlogix® A Chemical Pedi Peel?

No. Footlogix® gently treats and hydrates various foot conditions with its proprietary technologies; Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT), and Spiraleen®. Together, these technologies allow Footlogix® active ingredients to gently penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and reaching the target areas. Footlogix® products are non-corrosive, non-dehydrating, and do not require neutralising solutions like other chemical peel products.

Is Footlogix® Safe To Use For Pregnant Women?

Since Footlogix® products penetrate into the layers of the epidermis and not into the blood stream, the products are safe. However, because of the active ingredients present in the anti-fungal formulas (Peeling Skin, Rough Skin and Anti-fungal Tincture), we would suggest your client to get a doctor's approval before using them. If the client is coming to you for a pedicure in her first trimester, a suggestion would be to not use the Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub and the Massage Formula. However, the massage formula is not a problem as long as the massage technique used is light effleurage only. (that’s with any massage product).

Is Footlogix® Safe For People With Cancer, Or Undergoing Cancer Treatment?

All Footlogix® products are absolutely safe for people with cancer or who are undergoing cancer treatment. All products only penetrate the epidermis so nothing passes into the blood stream. The skin on anyone who has a compromised immune system, such as caused by cancer treatment, is usually dry. The urea, part of the body’s natural moisturizing factor, in the Footlogix® products aids in keeping the skin well moisturized and therefore more healthy, thus lessening the chance of micro-lesions which could become a portal of entry for infection. The Footlogix® DD Cream Mousse has highly efficacious antimicrobial properties which result in a stronger skin barrier for healthier, happier feet.

Does Urea Mean That There Is An Extract Of Urine In Your Products?

We get asked this question very often - does urea mean that there is an extract of urine in your products? No. Urea is a humectant that is found within all sorts of products in the cosmetic industry. It is manufactured in the lab. Its role within the Stratum Corneum (the outer layer of skin) is to maintain a healthy moisture balance. Often dry skin is due to reduction of urea in the skin’s delicate tissues, which can lead to tightness and flakiness. Because of urea’s natural moisturizing factor, it can help to heal dry, flaky skin and keep the skin hydrated. The ingredient does not seal/block the pores and therefore does not just sit on the surface of the skin – rather it penetrates into the layers of the epidermis. The percentage of the urea in our products varies depending on the moisture level of the foot. Therefore, a client with cracked heels will need added moisture and would be recommended the Footlogix® Cracked Heel Formula which has a relatively higher percentage of urea in it. On the contrary, if a client has a foot with peeling skin which already has moisture in it - he/she should use a product that does not add further moisture into the skin. For such a client, we would recommend the use of Footlogix® Peeling Skin Formula which has a relatively lower percentage of urea in it.

Do Footlogix® Products/Ingredients Contain Perfume Or Traces of Nuts?

The Foot Fresh Spray, Shoe Fresh Spray, Massage Formula, Cuticle Conditioner Lotion and Foot Soak all contain fragrance. The rest of the Footlogix® products do not have any perfume ingredients. One of the reasons why the products work so well for everyone is because the majority of the product line is fragrance-free. Footlogix® products are all nut-free and safe for nut-allergies.

How Often Should I Have A Footlogix® Pedicure?

To ensure the best results it is best to return for regular treatment every month for maintenance. In severe cases it is advised to attend more frequently until the foot condition improves. Treatment plan will be discussed at your first appointment.

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