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Footlogix is the Pediceutical brand revolutionising foot care. The product range is mousse based with Dermal Infusion Technology. Each product is free from synthetic oils enabling the product to penetrate the skin and allowing the ingredients to work to improve the overall condition of the skin by targeting the area of concern.

Footlogix is the world’s first and only Pediceutical Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. It uses Dermal Infusion Technology to actively penetrate ingredients faster and deeper into the troubled epidermis of the feet.

Regular professional pedicures are always important for maintaining optimum foot health, but a trip to the salon isn’t always possible. If you’re stuck at home, you may be struggling to give your feet the attention they deserve until your next pedicure appointment.

Footlogix® offers a full line of quality home care products anyone can use to get a highly effective pedicure from the comfort of home.  The new Footlogix® Ultimate “At Home” Foot Care Products makes taking care of your feet at home so easy!

Professional know that it’s not always possible to solve every client’s foot issues in a single service. Regular professional foot care plus consistent at-home maintenance is truly the best way to achieve and maintain the transformational results.

Visit Our Shop To See The Full Range Of Footlogix Homecare Products.

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