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Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture (50ml)

Anti-Fungal Toe Tincture (50ml)

Footlogix Toe Nail Tincture is effective in treating discoloured, lifting toe nails. Ideal for the protection and care of toe nails prone to fungal infections.


Footlogix is the world’s first and only Pediceutical Foot Care line made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. It uses Dermal Infusion Technology to actively penetrate ingredients faster and deeper into the troubled epidermis of the feet.


  • Contains an effective anti-fungal agent that is proven to provide preventative care for lifting, discoloured and cracking toe nails prone to fungal infections.
  • This vegan tincture can also be used between the toes for peeling skin.
  • Contains avocado oil and Panthenol to restore a healthy sheen to the toe nails.
  • Odourless, spray formula is easy to apply with it’s unique multi-directional, pin-point spray format.
  • For optimal results, remove nail polish before application and file down nail surface to thin out infected toe nails.


Please keep in mind that results are Not Guarenteed and may take up to 12 months to see results.

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